Volunteering at WPYC

WPYC is operated and governed totally by volunteers. We have dozens of roles identified for those who love sailing and want to help grow interest in this sport and provide social and educational opportunities for WPYC members. Some of the volunteer jobs are short-term (a day or a weekend) while others are assigned on a one-year basis. A few of the current volunteer openings are listed below. If, on the other hand, you have a particular role or project in mind, you may submit your own job description for approval by the Board of Stewards. Click Here to Email us, telling us of your interests, talents and time availability.

  • Event Photographer
  • News Story Writer
  • Cooks & Clean-up Crew at Socials
  • Assistant Webmaster for this website
  • Sailing Instructor for New Sailors at WPYC
  • Annual Meeting Organizing Committee Member
  • Racing Committee Member
  • Assistant Club Bookkeeper
  • Team Member at Spring and/or Fall Club Clean-up Days
  • Social Events Helper/Organizer
  • Coordinator of Recycling